Jerry Markison - Author

Jerry Markison comes from a Liverpool Jewish family.  To rebut the accusations of being unimaginative when he went embarked on a career in the law just like his parents, brother and sister, he started dreaming up how he could reinterpret reality in pithy, rhyming five-line verses.

His first collection of humorous verse with Dan Archer was entitled Liverpool Limericks. This came out in 2008 when Liverpool was enjoying the spotlight as European Capital of Culture. Jerry thought he would playfully undermine all that self-aggrandisement by gently satirising Scousers, scallies and local personalities such as Wayne Rooney, Ken Dodd and Edwina Currie. The local media said it was "packed with witty and original limericks", and you can find out more about Liverpool Limericks here

Jerry lives in London with his wife and three littl'uns.


Dan Archer - Illustrator

A Cambridge graduate, Dan quickly swapped his mortarboard for the drawing board and has worked for Atlantic and Penguin publishers, The Bookseller and The Other Side Magazine, as well as coming runner-up in The Times Young Cartoonist of the Year Award.

Moving stateside Dan acquired a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont and now teaches graphic novel writing at Stanford University. You can see more of his work on his website, including his powerful comics journalism on human rights / social justice stories.

Dan lives in the Bay Area with his beloved shiksa.