Your Limericks

Limericks are fun to write.  Why not have a go at composing your own Jewish limerick?  Send them in to us and we'll post the best ones here.

The author, Jerry Markison, will start you off with one or two that are not in the book:

Getting a Second Opinion


A rabbi of great erudition

Once candidly made this admission:

“When asked for a view,

I like to give two

That conflict - it’s an age-old tradition!”



Winter Worries
December saw Dov apprehensive.

His family was somewhat extensive -

Twelve girls and ten boys,

Wanting gelt and/or toys,

Which made Hanukkah pretty expensive!


Grave Arguments 

 The tour-guide said, “Here, to your right

Lies the Orthodox burial site.

The Reform go to rest

A mile to the West -

So at least once they’re dead, they won’t fight!”



Bitten by the Bug


An atheist, Marc, from Geneva

Came down with a curious fever:

He’s turned very kosher

And calls himself “Moshe”

(He contracted it while at Yeshiva.)